Introducing our super , solid black import - The very beautiful Basta Menulio Sviesa At Stormlake ( IMP) LTU..

Basta is a super social girl - she is very steady and reliable in any situation with solid nerves and a great strength of character.

A powerful , very agile female , She is incredibly fast to learn and is completely unfazed by any new challenges in training .

Basta is a very loving , loyal girl who loves her cuddles , she puts her very all into her obedience training with endless enthusiasm , great play drive and focus.

A super strong female who will not only bring us new excellent bloodlines but also has a faultless temperament and fantastic health tests to match .

Basta is a very welcome addition to our fabulous Stormlake family .

Graded VP3 at the Southern Puppy/ Junior event 2017

Colour - Solid Black

BVA Hip Score 3 - 4

BVA Elbow Score 0 - 0